Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Clouds and Truckers

While waiting for the car ferry from Punta Sam back to the island one day, I glanced out my window and saw this:

Sometimes the clouds that form just off the water are beyond description.

But not only clouds catch my attention over at Punta Sam. I get such a kick out of the truckers who are waiting to get on the ferry too.

These trucks come from all over Mexico, but mostly the Yucatan, Merida being predominate. Sometimes they have to wait for hours, or even overnight, to get a space on board.

Why they stand on their trucks is a mystery to me. But they all do it. Maybe some macho thing. My truck is bigger than yours, na, na, na, na!


Babs said...

Maybe it's cooler then standing on the concrete and they can get a better view of the water????

ArizonaKelly said...

I love the pics of the guys standing on their trucks Wayne. Thanks for sharing them!

I've saved them in a folder called "Quirky Isla" along with some other photos such as 6 people on a moto with the mother breast feeding her child, two big mattreses and a lamp on top of golf cart, and some locals wearing long pants and jackets walking past a tourist laying on the beach in a bikini.

American Mommy in Mexico said...

It is a great photo - made me smile! Finding humor in just everyday life is a beautiful thing ...

Anonymous said...

I love the clouds with the palm fronds. The contrast of colors was fantastic!
The men stand on the trucks because they are short and want a better view.

Hollito said...

"Why they stand on their trucks is a mystery to me. "

Because they had no dogs they could put on the roof. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Makes sense to me. They're responsible for the truck and the cargo. That way they can keep an eye out for anybody from all sides: no stowaways, no theft, no one trying to stow contraban.

Nice pics! Enjoy paradise.