Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Final Update...I Hope!

I can't even begin to answer all the comments and emails I have received. All with fine suggestions too. I have discovered though, all one has to do is mention the word penis and the jesters come calling! Seriously though, I can't believe all the well wishes and offers of help I have received. Simply overwhelming.

I will be taking up the suggestion of taking Glucosomine and Vitamin D. As soon as I can get myself over to Cancun and CostCo. In the meantime I continue to take my cow steroids or whatever they are. I've been checking daily and so far no ill side effects, like growing an udder or the irresistible urge to burp my food up and chew it again.

I am relatively, not totally, but relatively pain free right now. Some twinges here and there but nothing to complain too loudly about. More like the occasional grimace and stage whisper of Ouch! B and L have been princes and I am so thankful they are around. They have informed me that this life of leisure is not going to go on forever though. Damn.

I have been sleeping a lot and I think the cow steroids are making me really nauseous. But I shall continue to take them like the good boy I am trying to be.

I'm on the mend and once again need to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Even the jokesters have helped! (and you know who you are Heather and Lisa!)

Tomorrow a nice picture of something pleasant, I promise. (no! not the x-ray. forget it!)


Brenda said...

Ah, everyone really wants to see the x-ray lol.
Seriously though, glad you are feeling better.

Steve Cotton said...

Wayne -- Glad to hear you are getting on top of things.

Babs said...

Oh heck, why not the x-ray - we're all family, right?
Aren't you glad I'm back home???

Jonna said...

Oh come on! You could post the xray and call it a new cow udder you're growing.

Sorry, I really do sympathize and hope you get over this soon. I agree that glucosomine, condrointin, msp or whatever it's called, all those help. I take those but put my real faith in Robaxin. and for bad days, Dolac - over the counter and works a charm.

Meg said...

I'm so happy to hear that you aren't in any pain (right now). Let me know if I can pick something up for in you in Costco as I go usually 2x's a week.
Feel better:)
Meg (on isla)

islagringo said...

You all must be really desparate if you want to see an x-ray of a penis! Geez, get on the internet and see the real thing and get over it already! LOL!

brenda: i am feeling much better with the hip thing but now the secondary issues of med side effects are kicking in. I mostly feel like I want to curl up in a ball and die. I hate this nauseous feeling all the time.

steve: i normally am on top of things and hope to be in that position again soon!

babs!!! you're back! hope to get on over and see what you have been up to. haven't logged in much computer time the past few days. i'm sure you have some great tales to tell. can't wait to see if and what you got as a digital camera.

jonna: an udder with only one teat? LOL! I'm familiar with Robaxin. B takes it for his knee. I'm going to go the glucosomine route for awhile and see what happens.

meg: that's about the sweetest offer I have heard in a long time. But why on Earth do you do the CostCo thing 2x per week? You must be a glutton for pain! LOL! Or else you really like those hot dogs out front! L is going over tomorrow so I should be fine. Do I have your email address? If not shoot me an email at I would love to have you come over for coffee some morning.

Loretta said...

Hi Wayne,

I've been out of touch for a while. The Wednesday blues jam is keeping me jumping and Mike and I are actually starting a new band. (Yes, we are, in fact, insane.) I've read your tale of woe with
1. deep sympathy when I heard of your pain
2. burning jealousy when you recounted the medical bills
and 3. a few smiles, giggles and even an outright laugh or two throughout.

I'm glad you're back on your feet and haven't lost your sense of humor.


PS: Nothing personal, but I, for one, do not want to see the x-ray of your penis. I'm sure it's lovely, but that's just more about you than we need to know.

harvestmoon said...

Uh, no penis needs here - with 2 in puberty and one in an eternal state of teenhood :)

We have glucosomine that we got in the US and never used. Can I get it to you? We're heading up to Costco sometime in the next week and could even bring it to the ferry if that would help.

Anonymous said...

Anything you need from the US that can be put in my suitcase? I'm pretty sure you don't remember meeting me (do you?) but I am going to be on the island on the 15 and if you need something, let me know. my email is
Glad you're feeling better.
Love the new tree.