Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Caught My Eye In Playa del Carmen


Anonymous said...

Why do your pics always look so beautiful?? and when I take a picture it turns out crappy?? Yeah, I know the camera and most of all .... the operator!
KW in Michigan

Anonymous said...

Great pics...I know all those spots! Those danged shopping carts make me so mad! People are such a-holes, they shop at Mega, then just walk the 2 or 3 blocks home with their carts, then dump the cart. VERY rude.

Oh, I could go for one of those ice cream cones right now.

1st Mate said...

...and a very good eye it is, too. I'm curious how much of your success is due to framing and how much is cropping. Very nice work, gallery-worthy!

islagringo said...

kw: thanks for the compliment. My whole style of pic taking changed once I visited Big Sweet Tooth's blog. You want to see good pics? Look at hers.

heather: does Mega ever send out cart retrievers? Maybe you can collect them and hold them hostage until they promise you free groceries! Oooooh. DQ!!

1st Mate: I'm flattered. I do nothing with my photos. You see them just as they come off the camera.

lisaloveloca said...

I love the pics!! I'd do the green bananas but not so sure how I feel about the green chorizo sausages!! LOL.
*drools* DQ!!?? I swear if they have cherry dilly bars I'm moving to playa!!
Although it would be hard for me to get used to not having the coolest car there!! That is the bestest VW I've ever seen!! ... but I have not yet seen the awesomeness that is Heather Paradises' combi!!

Tom and Debi said...

Nice shots, Thanks for sharing!

What's up with those green chorizos anyway. It's a perverse fascination, I look at them, but can't bring myself to actually buy one and try it!

Isla Deb said...

Great pics...I'm really going to have to make it there next time I'm down there. Looks a LOT more interesting than my Corpus Christi shots! :-/

Steve Cotton said...

Nice selection. I am having a bit of trouble picking out the shots I want to share.

barry said...

Morning Wayne .. They are great Pics indeed ..thanks for the heads up how much fun it will be to set up an easel there and paint,, and the answer when someone asks,, What genre is that?...VIBRANT!

Anonymous said...

Great photos as usual. A stretch VW Bug! How crazy is that? I loved the photo of the bananas, very artistic. So was the palm shadow.

Billie said...

I'll chime in and say the same....great pictures. I'm hoping to get to Merida, Cancun/isla and Playa this Fall. Hope to finally get to meet ya.

islagringo said...

lisa: not sure about the Dilly bars but we sure could go check it out. Blizzard for me though! I don't think that VW was running so you would still have the coolest car!

debi: i know what you mean. i like chorizo but not sure about the color. Is it just color or is it some kind of seasoning. You go first and let me know!

deb: playa is no isla but it has a lot going for it. worth the visit.

steve: just do a post like I do with all my rejects! just because they don't fit in with what you want to say doesn't mean that they are not interesting anyway!

barry: for some reason, I hardly ever see painters on the island. years ago, yes. but not too much anymore. you will definitely attract a crowd!

jackie: thanks!

billie: a compliment from you is a compliment indeed! Made my day! I have your itinerary all planned when you get to Isla! LOL!

piojo said...

Great photos of the many reasons I enjoy your blog!