Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bam! Smash! Bang!

I can play around with my camera all I want, but if I don't have it with me, it does me no good. Take, for instance, yesterday.

I finished my banking business and was standing outside in front, waiting for B to finish his. I was right across from the Ultramar ticket booth and the pedestrian sidewalk crossing was to my right. I heard a loud motor scooter and looked to my left.

Coming down the street, at a speed way too fast for a crowded part of town like that, were two tourists, each on a rented motorscooter. They were racing each other and yelling like zombies. You know, just good, ignorant, life endangering fun with no regard for the safety of themselves or anyone else.

While these two speed freaks weren't looking, the taxi in front of them stopped to let pedestrians cross the street. You guessed it. One of them slammed into the trunk of the taxi and his little joy ride came to an abrubt end.

Nobody was hurt. No visible damage done. The police detained the two tourists but I doubt that anything but a stern scolding was issued. They were lucky.

And so were the rest of us. Until the next time idiots are allowed to rent anything with a motor.


Islaholic Trixie said...

It just amazes me, the idiots that rent scooters!! I can't believe the scooter wasn't damaged or the person hurt!!
You best get a holster for your camera so you can whip it out like a side arm and get the shot!!

islagringo said...

trixie: scooters are the most dangerous rental item on the island. I have seen more accidents with tourists on them than anything else. Including the idiots who rent golf carts and then proceed to tip them over!

If I don't have my "man bag" with me, I usually have my camera in one of the Captain Kangaroo pockets of my cargo shorts. Don't know why I didn't grab it yesterday. I always see something great when I don't have it!

Anonymous said...

Lesson learned .. carry the camera clipped to your hip like a cell phone.

MD in Texas said...

Oh of many reasons we stick to golf carts!

And thanks for following up with the restaurant/alcohol issue! It's much appreciated.

One week from today, we will be in the air heading that way! Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Damn, Wayne, you've seen tourists tip over golf carts?! I tried so hard to flip ours during the blogger tour!

lisaloveloca said...

The scooter peeps scare the crap-o-la outta me!

I really don't know what I find scarier- the rental peeps or the whole family with no helmets peeps or the two guys with no shoes weaving in and out of traffic like slalom skiers peeps!?

Anonymous said...

How many times can you say “stupid tourist”. Racing on any street on Isla is bound to cause problems with the taxis swerving in and out of traffic people running across the street without looking. I bet you anything when they returned the scooter the rental company found damage and assessed a repair charge.
There is a video on You Tube of some jerks driving a golf cart down the stairs in La Gloria

islagringo said...

jackie: thanks for the tip. I'm featuring that video Friday.