Tuesday, June 03, 2008

President, Rainbows, Headaches and Fleas, Oh My!

Despite the horrible weather last Sunday, President Calderone did arrive. Getting in and out of downtown during the time he was expected to be here, actually here, and then gone, was a nightmare. Everyone on the island wanted to get a glimpse of him so you can imagine the crush of golf carts, taxis and motor scooters. There was only one street open to get in and out. At least we could get out though!

We did manage to accidentally see the boat he was on as it passed by on the bay side. Too far away to see anybody on it, except that everybody seemed to be in white. I understand that they decided not to venture out to sea but instead dropped the wreath into the bay. Hopefully out where the current passes by on its' way back out to sea...and not to shore! There were some pictures in the paper yesterday but they were so blurry you couldn't see a thing. They looked like the photographer had gone to far into their zoom mode. Like maybe the Press wasn't allowed near him.

Yesterday almost everybody I talked to, including myself, had a headache. Almost like a migraine. That sharp pain directly behind your eyeballs and on your temples. Neck ache too. Then a little bit of nausea and feeling hot and then like you are going to pass out. I bet I met a dozen people who all had the same symptoms. Coincidence?? Change in pressure due to the storm?? Just strange.

Then yesterday evening, again as the sun was setting, we were treated to this wonder again.

The icky news is that we discovered that Simon is covered with fleas! I have no idea where he picked them up. Although there has been a straggly cat around lately, eating from Simon's bowl. I have never seen the two of them have any contact so I doubt he got them from this wild cat.

Poor guy. He has been dosed with flea powder and is now forbidden to come into the house again until I am sure they are gone. He is very upset over this development! This picture of him really shows how different and big his eyes are. They get even bigger when he is startled or scared.

We checked the other cat, Kitten, but found no evidence of fleas on her.

She's a grand old lady of 16 years now. Doesn't look it.

So, looks like life is returning to normal here. Military show offs are now gone and the roads are cleared. We are getting some peaks of sunshine and it is warming up again. Summer and another hurricane will be back quicker than we know it.


Anonymous said...

Wayne, your photos are so outstanding .. my morning starts off by checking your website (and CancunCanuck) for photots. Thanks so much and please keep them coming.
KW from Michigan

Loretta said...

I sometimes get migraines when storms are around. Maybe that was it. Glad to hear the military has finally left Isla in peace. Mike and I sure timed our trip right! (I'm still processing photos and videos. And I found a software that's supposed to let you rotate vids - I'll keep you posted.)

Theresa in Mèrida said...

We put Frontline on Mr. Dog, the vet carries it, I'm sure +cota (mascota,the pet store)does too. I like it better than using a flea collar or spray.
I think the cats that travel through our yard using the "cat highway" drop in and leave flea eggs so I am very vigilant, 'cuz Mr. Dog gets flea dermatitis.

CancunCanuck said...

How very strange that you mention the head ache and neck ache, I had exactly the same thing! Must be the pressure system of the passing storm, at least that is my guess. There were several people at work complaining of the same. I spent last night laying down on a heating pad, the neck and back pain was intense!

Poor kitty! My two little guys have fleas too, but up until last night they were too small to do anything. We took them to the vet for their first shots and he said they were big enough for just a little bit of powder on their backs. Too bad they are strictly indoor cats, we´re going to have to fight the flea battle on the fabrics inside too.

Thanks for the pretty pics!

wayne said...

kw: you are so sweet! You do a good job of building up my ego!

loretta: I think it was related to the storm...especially after what CC has reported here in comments. It was weird though. The pressure must have been intense for us all to feel it like that.

theresa: I wish our vet here was that well stocked. Most of his medications are donations and have long since expired. He's a great guy and a good vet though. I would never use a flea collar on a pet. They do more harm than good. I bet you have hit the nail on the head though. I bet that stray cat is bringing fleas in. Great.

CC: You are probably correct about the pressure. Our cats sleep on our beds when they are in the house so that all got stripped and washed. Yuk. They are both really unhappy kitties today with no inside the house priviledges.

heatherinparadise said...

I nearly always get a headache/neckache when a tropical storm/hurriane/tropical depression is in the area. Thankfully, this time I did not.

HOLY crap, look at the eyes on that siamese! TOO cute. He should be a LOL cat.

Anonymous said...

When I travel home from a warm and relatively dry play like Isla (compared to Portland) I always get a sinus headache. The change in weather even at home plays havoc with my sinuses and causes headaches. My ENT used to say that my sinuses acted as a barometer.
Good to hear that evertyhing else seems to be back to normal post Calderon.

wayne said...

Heather and Jackie: the concensus appears to be that it was the pressure causing everybody's problems. Weird it has never affected me before.
And yes, Simon has the biggest blue eyes you could ever want to see.

Islaholic Trixie said...

Wayne...First let me say that I'm sorry we were not able to meet while I was on Isla. I did see you dropping friends off at the ferry when I was leaving. I figured out where you live, but I would never stop by someone's house without an invitation and I didn't know how to get ahold of you. Hopefully next trip.
I was wondering if you could help me figure out how to post my pictures smaller on my blog. You can always email me directly. Thanks!!

Hollito said...

"I bet I met a dozen people who all had the same symptoms."

Seems the last delivery of beer to the Cancun area was bad!

(duck-and-run) ;-) ;-) ;-)

harvestmoon said...

That is too weird (headache, nausea thing). We had the SAME thing here and I don't remember it after Dean (though we evacuated to Cancun for the night).

Jamie is getting worried that we all have brain tumors or somehting but it is comforting to hear you guys had it too. I really don't remember this from other years (and we were here duirng the summer of Wilma and Emily, though missed them) too. So go figure.

wayne said...

Islaholic: I have an "Open Gate"policy. If the gate is open, feel free to stop by. Things are more relaxed here about stopping by somebody's house. You can always reach me through my blog too.

Holito: What a horrible thought! Bad beer on the island.

Harvestmoon: You'll see from the comments that this was not an isolated problem to isla. It is amazing me how many people in this area suffered from the same thing. We have been through 4 actual hurricanes and never suffered like we did from Arthur. The pressure must have been horrible for us all to have had the same symptoms.

lisaloveloca said...

Wow!! Amazing pics! And your cats!!! Iz in wuvs!!! LOL!