Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sunday Lunch

Last Sunday B, L and I headed downtown to Aluxes Coffee Shop to hook up with Ivan and Jennifer at closing time. (Sundays: 8AM to 1PM) Our plan was to head over to the Fisherman's Co-op for a lunch of ceviche. We got there only to discover that they were closed for a wedding reception. No problem. There are a number of places on la Isla to get ceviche. We just headed on down the street and stopped here:

Picus is around four years old now and a very popular place. They only serve as long as they have food. They buy fresh everyday and when it's gone, it's gone. We got there just in time. Shortly after this next picture was taken the place got packed.

We got a table right on the water. Sweet. This guy was playing one of those keyboards that are programmable to play all kinds of instruments. Although I don't usually care for this sort of thing, he was a good singer and fit in with the ambiance.

This was our view to the left.

And to the right.

I think Jennifer was totally confused by something B just said. (Hey Lisa, Jennifer is from Pine City!)

Ivan was wanting some relief from the heat yesterday. Here's what he ordered.

A glass of Sprite with a bit of beer mixed in. His own recipe. Not bad really.

We shared a couple of orders of ceviche and people were grabbing at it so fast I totally did not get a picture! Oh well. Suffice it to say it was good. Especially since they served it with a homemade hot sauce of lime juice, a little oil and chopped up habaneros. Yikes!

All in all, a relaxing afternoon with good food and even better friends. And you really can't beat eating a meal at a restaurant where you can do this:


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great pics. I can almost taste the ceviche (shrimp my fav). And the view .. outstanding. Toes in the sand.. so relaxing. Gosh I'm so homesick for Cancun.
KW from Michigan

harvestmoon said...

When I lived in Argentina, it was VERY common to mix Fanta with beer. Pretty much everyone drank it that way.

In Chile, you'd mix an egg and sugar with beer. Go figure. Oh, it was a very dark beer. I loved those drinks. And don't get me started on cola de mono...

wayne said...

kw: I love any restaurant where I can dig my toes into the sand!

harvestmoon: Your comment made me remember. We used to drink beer and lemonade over ice. A great refresher on a hot day! I guess here I would have to use lemonada though.