Friday, May 23, 2008

Even More Rejects

I haven't checked my stats for my other blog in a while so I'm not sure how many of you are keeping up over there. I am currently posting about our car trip around Mexico last summer. Here are some more pictures from that trip that didn't make the cut to the other blog for one reason or another.

This was taken from a hill high over San Blas. We were visiting the fort there. I mainly took this picture because of the cows. Can you find them?

This is the view from our balcony at the Hotel Bellmar in Matzatlan. I think we were fairly close to where Paul and Nancy live. Not sure though. They probably could tell you where this is.

View from the roof of our hotel in Acapulco. Main harbor.

Interesting leaf floating in the river near San Blas.

"Wanna check for cavities?"

This distance looks a little out of focus here, or at least foggy. Nope. It's smoke. This was taken on the mountainous road between Durango and Mazatlan. There were fires all over the mountain. We actually had to drive through the smoke of one. Visibility immediately fell to zero and it was quite frightening.

Hang 'em high!

Mexican's can do anything with cement. Witness this balcony in Aquascaliente.

Pacific Ocean shore line. Taken near La Crucecita in Oaxaca state.

I'm not really sleeping! I would never be so exhausted as to fall comfortably asleep in a hammock!


Babs said...

THAT was quite a road trip! How long were you gone?

heatherinparadise said...

Day-yum! Hubba Hubba in the hammock!

wayne said...

babs: we were gone 7 weeks.

heather: thanks (blushing profusely)

Anonymous said...

These photos are great! They are certainly not rejects IMHO.

Nancy said...

Hey Wayne,

Yes, that picture looks like it could have been taken from the Belmar...which is about six blocks from our house. Next time you're here, give us a shout, ok?


Michele in Playa said...

I have been reading along when I have extra time. Love the pictures and commentary. Keep it coming!!