Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I Tooted Mine, She Can Toot Hers

The final days of the current Mayor are upon us. My understanding is that the new Mayor takes the oath of office on April 10. This week is evidently going to be filled with ceremony and celebrations. Last night was the first of who knows how many such events.

It was actually very clever on the Mayor's part. A huge stage had been set up on the ugly town square and the Mayor and her staff took center stage. Banners had been placed all over town and golf carts with speakers attached had been making the rounds of the neighborhoods for the past several days announcing a big show. I couldn't tell you her name to save my soul, but some very famous female singer in Mexico had been hired to perform. That was what was pulling the hundreds of people into the square last night.

Here you can see an overview of the square. The people of Bamboo Too, just across the street, were kind enough to give me access to their rooftop to take these pictures. I must have changed settings on my camera a dozen times but these pics are the best I could do. The white blip over on the left is the stage.

The current Mayor is the third person to the right of the palm tree on the left. Next to the woman in the gray outfit.

In the middle of the park they had set up this amazing control panel.

More overview of the crowds.

The control panel was to be able to broadcast on these large screen TV's set up all around the park.

For over an hour the audience was treated to footage of the Mayor's accomplishments here on the island over the past four years. At first it may seem strange that she would spend all this money to put on such a spectacular show to brag about her accomplishments. Of what benefit is it to her? She's leaving office now and it shouldn't matter what people think about her. But, and this is a biggie, she is eligible to run for Mayor again in four years. Consecutive terms aren't allowed, but you can skip one and run again. I will bet anything that she is planning on doing that.
I personally feel that maybe too much money was spent tooting her own horn. There are so many lasting things that she could have done with that money to benefit the island. But I'm just a guest here looking in from the outside.
That said, I again state that I loved this Mayor and she did make some significant strides forward on this island. I wish her well in whatever she does now and hope to see her again someday.
Ok, Alicia Ricalde, your turn. Let's see if you can keep her record going!

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Anonymous said...

Quite a production indeed! What is the population of your island?