Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thursday Update

I haven't forgotten. Today is the two month anniversary of my Blogger friend, Andee's, passing. Not a day goes by that I don't think about her. Rest in Peace dear one.

For the rest of us, life goes on as usual. All three of us are off to Cancun for various reasons today. We'll separate for awhile and then come back together at Sam's Club. It's time for my yearly renewal of car insurance.

They called to remind me the other day. They are good about doing that. They quoted me 3995 pesos for the year. I think I am going to ask them to refigure it to take out damage coverage on my car....except for total replacement. I can get the car fixed here on Isla cheaper than the insurance deductible anyway. Remember the dented side panel? I also want to know what value they have placed on the car for insurance purposes. I still have in writing what the general manager told me when I was over there trying to figure out what 5% of the value was for deductible purposes. I will bet anything that it is the same or greater than what he said last August.

Our friend Carlos announced the other night that he will be moving to Vancouver at the end of the month. I am really torn about this. I hate to lose a friend and, selfishly, do not want him to go. Also because Vancouver is where Dillum died from falling off the cliff. I bet Carlos has given it a lot of thought since Dillum was his best friend. On the other hand, if it's what he wants to do, then I will encourage him to take this opportunity. Sad though. He was also planning on switching around his night off so that he could be our waiter at the Blogger meeting meet and greet coming up. You all would have liked him. Maybe I can get Adrian to do it??

Today is a landmark in another way also. A couple who read this blog daily liked the cabana so much that they have rented it for a week. So not only will I welcome (paying) guests to the cabana, I will also be welcoming a blog reader. Pretty cool.

It being Thursday also, I have to go clean the house before the cleaning lady gets here!


Steve Cotton said...

Wayne --

It is good for us to remember Andee -- and good to recall that she would be telling us to get out there and live. I think of her every morning and every evening as I pick up my plastic bag to clean up the neighborhood on my dog walks. We do affect each other's lives.

Beth said...

Wayne - I've been reading your blog and just wanted to tell you that I've enjoyed it so much! Can't wait for your next adventure!!