Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Just Typing Away Here

Today is a chilling reminder of what may be in store for us again this year. It has been windy for several days now. A chilly wind but tempered by the beautiful daytime temps that we have been having. Sometime overnight the wind has really picked up. I was dismayed when I got up at 6:15 AM today and opened the front door. A strong wind is coming in out of the southeast, ripping the tops off the large foamy waves being pushed to shore. And green water again. It once again looks like a hurricane may be sitting out there somewhere. I was so concerned, I immediately called up my hurricane sites. I know, I know. It's way too early for that. But still.

The weekend past was a busy one for us. Friday night we emptied out L's bedroom. He had decided that it was time to repaint. So we spent 5 hours repainting it on Saturday morning. No before and after pics. He is way too shy and private for that. Suffice it to say that it does look good - even though it is done in his usual color palette of beige and brown. He is so resistant to a little color. Oh well, he has to live in there, not me. I suppose it is easier to sleep for him now, what with that boring palette to put him to sleep!

Sunday we spent most of the day cleaning the back patio and doing some re potting. When the wind comes from the north, our patio fills up with all those damn palapa fibers that blow off the rooftop bar next door. I wish I could make him come over and clean that mess up every time. Maybe we'll get a hurricane that will take it down this year. I can hope anyway.

After a quick dip down near North Beach, we came home and barbecued some steaks out back and watched a movie. Later I met Rose downtown for a couple of drinks and some gossip. Hadn't really seen her for a week.

Yesterday I was too sore to do anything. Just not used to that much physical activity in such a short time. I put it down to creeping old age at first. On (in?) retrospect, I think it was just good old fashioned inactivity turning me into a marshmallow!

Got some good posts coming up this week. At least I think so. Stick around for that!

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