Thursday, March 20, 2008

Even More Rejects

Here we go again. More pictures that didn't make the cut for my other blog.

This was taken from the train window on our way from Los Mochis to Creel. This lake was unexpected and beautiful.

A Jesuit mission outside the town of Creel in a Tamahumara village.

Lake Arareko, which sits on ejido land belonging to the Talahumara Indians of the Copper Canyon.

Cusarare Waterfall in the Copper Canyon. In rainy season this entire wall is water.

More views of this astounding area called the Copper Canyon.

This was our guide on a tour we took of the Canyon. He had just finished doing something very dangerous. All for our enjoyment. He was probably thinking that he survived his rock balancing act high above the valley one more time.

Look at the rock two in front of L standing there. This rock wobbles when you stand on it. Our guide demonstrated this to us. We were invited to try it ourselves. Guess whether we did it or not.

At one cliff they have this ledge you can walk out onto that sticks out over the edge. Scary stuff, standing there trusting the construction was good enough to hold you. Not too mention wondering how strong the plexiglass was. Needless to say, it held that day!


CancunCanuck said...

I'm so envious of your travels! Great pics, thanks for sharing, I totally dig the shot on the glass, I would LOVE that!

Anonymous said...

You were pretty brave! Standing on that glass would defiantly be breaking my rule of never walking on anything in Mexico that may fall in. I don’t walk on grates, manhole covers or boards over holes. Nice photos of the canyon though. It looks pretty awesome.

Jackieinpdx said...

That anonymous was me. I thought that I had logged in properly.