Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Change To This Blog

Don't you hate it when you visit one of your favorite blogs, all ready to read whatever the author has placed on the plate for you to enjoy, only to find that there is nothing new posted? I know I do. Plus it gets frustrating after awhile. Therefore, I'm telling you about this change to my blog upfront.

Since its' inception, I have faithfully posted six days a week to this blog. Rain or shine, good idea or bad, I have been there with something. Maybe not always entertaining, but at least something. Truth is, I just don't think my life is that interesting anymore. At least not to support that many posts. And it gets a bit stressful trying to come up with that many things to say!

Therefore, effective Monday, March 17, I will be only posting to this blog five times a week. Not a major change, but one that I hope will eliminate some stress from my life. (hey, I'm retired!)

As Juan in Xico would say...Stay Tuned!


Steve Cotton said...

Wayne --

I understand your thought process. At least, you are developing a plan. I just end up not posting. I like your idea better. Enjoy life. And we will keep enjoying it along with you.

By the way, you have been a model in getting me to post some of my own photographs. Doing that has helped build my own interest in being creative on my blog.

John W said...

I wish I had your discipline. When I'm stimulated--especially when I'm traveling, I'll post twice a day. When I'm distracted, it's hard to get out one post a week.

Then there's the issue of having something to say on any given day. You and I both know how much work posting original material can be. You can't just sit down and write. You have to think ahead, maybe take photos, write posts in your head during dinner, plan trips to uncover new subjects.

Even so, I love it. Keep up the good work, Wayne.

wayne said...

thanks for the nice comments guys.

Steve: The pictures on your blog are great. The recent spring walk was inspiring. I miss spring flowers and the rebirth of the land. I even miss rototilling the garden!

John: how right you are! I currently have 9 folders with pictures I am gathering for future posts. A couple of them are going to be rather snarky against the tourists, which I probably should stop doing but they are such easy targets! LOL! Not to mention gathering all the info for the Featuring series. I wear mostly cargo shorts everywhere I go so that I have quick and easy access to my camera. You never know what you are going to see out there! (btw..I am not into discipline of any sort!)

Jonna said...

Schedule??? You are supposed to do this on a schedule?? Maybe blogging isn't for me after all ;)

I admire you Wayne for getting something out there every day. I drop in and out on my own blog. I do have wonderful blog ideas while driving or walking or napping but I never seem to remember them when I'm sitting at the computer. Some of my best rants have been in my head thinking I'd put them in the blog. I would too, if I could remember them.

Snarking at tourists is pretty easy when you live where we do. I try to refrain, at least in public, but I understand the impetus. I did take a shot at the swim with the dolphin folks today though. God they looked stupid all lined up in their life vests and waving their hands in the air at the dolphin. Gag!

Anonymous said...

Wayne, will keep checking in to read your updates. Enjoy your writing and pictures... now that we have returned to snowy Canada from the southwest our blog has been put on hold til Fall.
Thanks for sharing... Kelly