Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Ants Have Landed!

For the past couple of weeks I've been noticing something strange....and irritating. As I sit working at my laptop, every once in awhile I will feel something crawling on me. Especially on my arms. When I look, I find these really itsy bitsy teeny weeny little ants crawling on me. Ewwww.

I had to step away from my computer for a bit to do the meet and greet for the new renters in the cabana. I left the computer running as I was downloading another bootleg movie from uTorrent. When I came back, I saw a ton of these little things all over my keyboard! As I started squishing them, they all disappeared into my keyboard between the keys! Mostly by the space bar. So I guess I have an ant nest in my laptop!

I am at a loss as to how to get them out before they do any damage. I think they are already responsible for any typos you find here. Seriously though, I can't spray the keyboard with Ant Kill or anything like that. Can't stick it in the freezer for awhile. Maybe put something sweet on the wrist section by the touchpad and kill them one by one by one by one by one.

Anybody have any constructive suggestions as to how I can get rid of them before they ruin my computer??? Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Amigo - I would get one of those ant traps. then place a small amount of honey on the edge of it (ants seem to have great noses)and place it near your laptop - to see if I could divert them from your laptop to a new location. What you don't want is ant killer that they take back to the nest ;-0


RiverGirl said...

Do you have any of that computer canned air stuff? Maybe you can blow them out?

CancunCanuck said...

LOL, we're seeing more ants again too, it seems to be seasonal (and time to fumigate). I would recommend cleaning the keyboard. You can buy foam for it, the air cans will get out any cookie crumbs but the foam will clean off anything the ants find particularly sweet. Last month I did a big bad keyboard clean, took all the keys off, washed them in soapy water and used the foam on the main part of the board (you will find some nasty things under those keys, I didn't realize just how much we shed, little knots of hair around the keys, ew).

If the ants are in other parts of the house, get fumigated, it's worth it. We do it every six months or so.

Good luck!

Mexico Way said...

What about one of those keyboard blowers? Blow the shit out of em? Btw, this is not the first time I've heard about this down here but I don't know what the person did to get rid of them.

wayne said...

Excellent ideas all. I don't think I will tackle tearing my keyboard apart though. That is just too scary! I'm going to get a canned of compressed air and then use a vacumn on it. I'll keep you posted.

wally said...

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