Monday, February 04, 2008

Update On The Dead Guy

While waiting for the results of yesterday's Mayoral election, I thought I would update you on the dead guy.

Across the street from me, and just a bit north, there are many areas of large bushes growing amongst the rocks in front of the beach. I am constantly seeing people stop and go pee behind them. Mostly taxi drivers and golf cart people. One particular clump is a favorite hang out for some guys whom I think are homeless and constantly drunk. On Friday afternoon, a dead Mexican man was found lying behind this clump of brush. By the time I got home from town, the crowds were gathered and the police had the area cordoned off. My neighbor said he got to see the body and it did not look like there was any foul play. Unfortunately he did not take his camera, not being a blogger, so I can't regale you with pictures of dead people, like most Mexican newspapers do.

Saturday's newspaper reported that the man died from a combination of alcohol poisoning and exposure! He was clad only in his pants. No shirt, no shoes. But exposure? Sure, it gets kind of chilly with the wind coming off the water, but hardly killing cold. I suppose though, that if he were loaded up on alcohol like that, he could have died from hypothermia. Lying in the cold wind all night. I suppose now I can truthfully say that it gets so cold here sometimes that it could kill you! (am I terrible or what! Making a joke at this poor man's expense! Whatever.)

Poor guy. I think he is destined for a pauper's grave. There was no identification on him and they have been unable to identify him. Somewhere somebody is probably sitting around saying "I wonder why XXXX never calls anymore?" Sad.


Brenda said...

I, for one, am glad that you have no pictures. You can be a good reporter without photos in this case.
Poor man, hopefully they will find some family, so that he is not just a forgotten soul.

Anonymous said...

was kinda short dark hair and had a killer tan?