Friday, February 08, 2008

Seen on Isla

On a little traveled back street, sits this beauty:

From the ocean side road, if you keep your eyes peeled, you can get a glimpse of it. Rumor has it that it is the home of the widow of the late, great guitarist, Stevie Ray Vaughn. I have not been able to confirm or deny it. Of course, I could just knock on the door but I'm not the type of person to do that.

I don't know who painted it or came up with the color palette either. They should be congratulated on their boldness and daring though. Even in the Caribbean, with all its' bright colors, this gem stands out.

It wasn't until I downloaded this zoomed in picture that I noticed something really special. All of those little circles around the butterfly contain scenes of a tropical island! So clever.

I would never have the guts to paint my house like this. For one thing, I think where I am located, on the main road, it would be traffic stopper. I don't think I would deal well with all the tourists stopping to take pictures. And you know they would.

UPDATE: I have been contacted by the people living in this house. I am going to get a personal tour of the inside next week! I can't wait. Follow up post next week!


Esther said...

You are correct, it is the house of Stevie Ray Vaughn's widow, Lennie.
She did the painting herself.
Miguel (from the band at Jax) is currently living in the house. She was also married to Miguel for a short time.

wayne said...

Thanks Esther! Now I am really glad that I did not give directions to it! It's twofer for tourists, the colors and the relationship to Stevie Ray for his fans. I would not want to put Miquel through hordes of tourists!

(are you Mark's wife??)

Anonymous said...

I love this house. We stopped and talked to Miguel and Rogelio outside the house in October.I took some very close up photos and the details are amazing.

Steve Cotton said...

I was standing outside my house today imagining what it would look like with a similar color scheme. I believe my germanic neighbors would die. We had a scandal in the neighborhood when a new owner painted his house purple with lilac trim. He no longer lives there. I am certain I would be forced to move to Mexico before I opened my second can of paint.

Hollito said...

How interesting!
I can remember a guy I knew from the FidoNet (yep, that was a time before the www existed, I think about 1994 or so, when a 1.2 MB harddisk would make you the king of the PC owners around) who went to the USA and knocked on the door of John Lee Hooker, just to find this genius of blues music welcoming him and offering him a drink...

Why not? They are just people like you and me...

Hollito said...

Your "germanic neighbors" ?
Seems to be a bit of prejudice, or do you think your neighbors "born in the USA" are "more cool"?
Sorry for that, but this sounds like ranting to me - and I am not "proud of being a German", I was just born here...

Steve Cotton said...

Hollito --

If my germanic reference sounded like an insult, I apologize. It was certainly not meant to offend anyone -- it certainly would not offend my neighbors.

I purposely used a lower case "g" to distinguish the character trait from any nationality. It is the same difference as Democrat and democrat. In this case, "germanic" is a personality trait that finds peace in tranquility, neatness, and order. The very traits that Solzhenitsyn celebrated in 1914.

Not that it matters, but as for my neighbors, they are all born in the USA. Me, too, and of good German stock.

I look forward to meeting you one of these and sharing tales.

Hollito said...


no problem here. I just got it wrong, ´cause English ist not my mother language.
I hope one day I can meet you, Wayne and others in MX. We had a "blogger-meeting" in 12/2006 in DF, where I met a few people I only knew from their blogs in persona. ->
It was really nice to see all these people and to talk about this and that.
Well, this year I will not come to MX, as I will visit the USA for a few weeks in summer. But, however, next year I will come to MX with my wife for shure - and maybe we will visit the area of Cancun, Isla M. and so on, as until now we have not been there.
I missed the chance to meet the blogger "Don Gringo" in Catemaco when we last were in MX - that still pains me.