Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Memorium for Andee

This blogger community never fails to amaze me. How we all reach out to help each other.

Andee's son, Eric, has set up a google group where we can all go to leave a thought or comment about Andee. You must be a member to leave a comment and can only access it via an approved membership. Nobody who requests to become a member will be denied. It is just one of those google requirement things.

My good friend, Kelly of CancunCanuck, has graciously agreed to become the manager of this group. Please contact her and she will gladly approve you to make a comment. Her address is:


Please go leave a comment. For Andee, for Eric and for yourself. Thank you.


La Gringa said...

Thank you for posting this information, Wayne. I was wondering how I could let people know how to join and you've already done it.

We'll all miss her.

Allan Hardman said...

Thank you for writing about Andee, and for the information about the Google Group for her. Here is what i sent:

Eric and family. . .

Andee was my friend here in Chacala, and her sudden passing has shocked me and much of this community. Among other things, Andee was a vital link between Canadian and American tourists and the landladies with their rooftop rentals, who had no bank, phones, or internet (or even English!). In fact, she helped me find the place I am living in for the winter.

Andee was always around. I liked running into her on my walks and joining her around town as she passed around rental deposits and schedules to her landladies, greeted returning travelers, and talked with locals. I met many wonderful people here that I never would have because of Andee. She spoke of you, Eric, with such a proud mother feel, that I feel like I know you. She used my computer sometimes during her “broken computer drought,” and always dropped by when she was in the neighborhood. Once her new Mac arrived, I was disappointed, because she was home more, and out less. We e-mailed each other from three blocks apart! We sometimes had our disagreements, and I am happy that the last time we were together, I was helping her help a landlord (stuck fax machine).

Today I went up to her patio kitchen to leave a flower or two, and a note for Eric, and it looked just like it always did when we were sitting around the table, talking about not much, and staring out at the ocean. But she was not there. It was like looking at a very familiar painting, and then realizing the frame was there but the painting had disappeared.

Andee, may your journey home be swift and filled with love. I will miss you.

Your friend,

Allan Hardman
Chacala, Nayarít