Monday, January 14, 2008

I Never Get Tired

On days like yesterday, I never get tired of looking at the water. Not a cloud in the sky, temperature in the low 80's, clear, bright air. No breeze to speak of. All of this adds up to a beautiful, tranquil water. So clear that from my front porch, I can actually see into the water across the street. Every otherwise hidden rock is clearly visible. The blue so brilliant that it is an almost unbelievable color.

I got to wondering what the rest of the water surrounding this little island looked like. So I jumped on my motorscooter and went for a drive. For your viewing enjoyment, I present the many views of the water. And as an added bonus, a special picture at the end for Max.


Jonna said...

mmm...THAT'S why I love the Caribbean!!

and what's up with that iguana's tail? It looks shriveled.

wayne said...

jonna: iguanas, like geckos, have the ability to regenerate their tails. This one probably got attacked and lost part of its' tail. The shriveled bit is the new tail growing in. I thought Max, CancunCanuck's son would enjoy seeing that.

CancunCanuck said...

Great pics Wayne, Max did indeed love Mr. Iguana. I'm impressed with the tail, I didn't know they could regenerate! Thanks for thinking of my iguana obsessed kid! :)