Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Lunch with Friends

Yesterday was an exciting day around here. An active one, too.

We've only seen our good friend, P, a couple of times for a quick visit since her return from the USA. Yesterday we were able to go to lunch with her and her son who is visiting until Christmas. We went to the Fishermen's Co-op restaurant. You'll be seeing and hearing more about this place in one of the Featuring articles. We had a delicious lunch of shrimp ceviche and a great time visiting. As an added bonus to an otherwise nice lunch, her son picked up the tab! Thanks J.

Also yesterday afternoon saw the return of our friends from Texas, Rose and Adrian. I've been missing them terribly so it was great to have them return. Plus they brought goodies! They had a big, brown grocery bag full of stuff that they had hand carried down here for us. Everything from chocolates to canned sauerkraut. We met them later downtown for drinks and to do some catching up. Fun night.

Finally, while doing some errands downtown after lunch yesterday, I spotted this:

Since my post on starfish, I have been much more observant of them and how people are using them. Although a bit too tacky for my taste, I do appreciate the originality of making a Christmas tree out of them.


CancunCanuck said...

LMAO at the starfish Christmas tree, too funny! :)

Jonna said...

Heh! Starfish would really become endangered if Target ever started carrying those!