Friday, December 28, 2007

Another Face to Face

I got an email yesterday morning and then a text message from Cancun Canuck that she and Max were heading over to the island for the day. Although we only live a few miles (and an ocean!) apart, we had not had the opportunity yet to meet. We remedied that problem today.

CC is a relatively new blogger, I think since October. But man, she hit the ground running. Her blog is a delightful read for those of you who haven't visited it yet.

To tell the truth, I was as excited about meeting Max, her 2.5 going on 16 year old son, as I was CC. I figured from the stories I had read that he was going to be one precocious child and I was right. To use the word cute is to not do him justice. He is truly a joyful little boy and fun to be around. Besides, any kid that likes to dip his french fries in "cat food" is ok by me! (can anybody guess what "cat food" really is??)

We passed a pleasant couple of hours having lunch at a table in the sand in front of Maria del Mar. They were so busy today that it took forever to get any food but I am glad to wait if it means that the waiters are making money again. We also discussed a plan that we are hatching and will reveal to all of you after New Year's. So I had a nice afternoon and I think CC and Max did too. Hope she comes back to visit soon, at which time I have promised Max a mini ride on my motorscooter.

Speaking of New Year's, this is my final post of this year. I am taking a break now until next Tuesday. I hope all of you have a safe but enjoyable NYE celebration and c'mon back and let's see what we can get up to next year!


Anonymous said...

Hi Wayne,

I continue to read your blog every day and am really enjoying it.

Happy New Year to you, B.& L.

Can't wait to hear about the plan you're hatching!

A week from tomorrow we'll be in Chacala-hard to believe how time has flown.

Take care,

CancunCanuck said...

It was wonderful to meet you too, Wayne, Max really took to you right away! Thanks for all the kind words. Have a great blog break and a fantastic new year!

Manolo said...

So... what's this thing you two are concocting... Nice cliff-hanger to finish the year. Great blog, I am adding it to my Google reader.

Feliz Año Nuevo!