Monday, November 19, 2007


Even though I don't post on Sundays, I still spend considerable time getting posts ready for the upcoming week. However, none of them are done and ready to go. Each one is missing something. A fact or a picture. So I'm like, "What am I going to talk about today?"

Then I looked at the Caribbean, as I usually do first thing every morning and thought "What the Hey? Looks like a storm might be brewing." Sure enough. I went to AccuWeather and this is what I found:

Kinda scary, isn't it! It looks like a misshapen hurricane. The northwestern edge, in blue, is just now over us. I think it's going to be a bumpy ride today!

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CancunCanuck said...

Well, so much for our "bridge" day of fun in the sun! It's turned into laundry and watching Shrek five hundred times. Batten down the hatches!