Monday, November 12, 2007

Seen on Isla

This is the roof of the restaurant, French Bistro. These are cement posts surrounding the roof. I'm sure they did not mean it to look like it, but they remind me of giant colored chalk.

This is the coffee shop/sandwich bar/bookstore called Manana. (I still don't know how to put the tilda over the N!) It's really a nice, laid back space. Frequented mainly by backpackers. You can play cards, read a book, chat with friends, do research from one of the many free guidebooks they have or play board games here. All for the price of a coffee. Believe me, when it is raining or icky out, the backpackers make the most of it! This place was formally owned by the couple who just opened the new Mediterranean restaurant.


Brenda said...

To put the tilde over the N, you need to be on the html page rather than on the compose page, then do this: hold down the ALT button and on your number keypad on the right hand side of your keyboard hit 0241, it will then print your letter with the tilde. ñ

wayne said...

Oh great. No excuse for being lazy anymore!

Nancy said...

I cut and paste from here.

Anonymous said...

hi wayne,

those do look like giant pieces of chalk. no mistaking that they serve french food, is there?

you succeeded in not blogging this sunday! sometimes i think i should take a day off from e-mailing, reading blogs, etc. i'll try next sunday. let's see if i succeed.

take care,

Anonymous said...

I like bringing up the Character Map and then you can access any of the letters with tilde or whatever - cut and paste - then just minimize the character map to use as needed.

To display the tilde over a letter, open the Windows Character Map. (Open the Start menu, then select Programs, then Accessories, then System Tools and then Character Map.)

Choose the font you want to use.

Click the letter with the tilde from the map. Click Select, then click Copy.

Paste the character into your document.

It works and is faster than other methods once the map is up.

Juan Calypso