Wednesday, October 03, 2007

News of the Day

Off to Cancun this morning to see if my FM3 has been signed by the director yet. They told me to come back on Tuesday but I decided to leave it an extra day. We need to run a few other errands while we over there too. Not much else going on to talk about around here.

I did notice over the weekend a large group of people standing on the shoreline across from the invasion, just south of me. By the time I noticed them, it was too dark to go down to check it out. They were there at the same time three nights in a row. I found out later that it was the local school children releasing baby turtles back into the sea! Darn. Now I wish I had gone to check it out.

When I was driving our dinner guests home last Thursday (actually it was 1:30 AM Friday!), we saw a bunch of military guys by the local high school. They all had machine guns pointed at the bushes and were shining flashlights everywhere. Then we passed two more trucks full of soldiers heading in that direction. The next day our local paper reported that 11 Cuban refugees were detained coming ashore there! The paper says that they are still being held at Immigration offices at the Cancun International Airport. No word about what will happen to them. Given that there is a very strong anti-Cuban sentiment around here lately, my guess is that they will find their butts heading back to Cuba. There have been big problems with the Cuban mafia trying to take control of Cancun with the resultant gang wars. There was even a murder between gang members in front of a bunch of tourists in one of the upscale shopping malls in the hotel zone. Some bad stuff going on.

At least today is sunny and calm. The boat ride should be smooth. I can hope anyway!

UPDATE: The crossing was indeed smooth and I did get my new FM3!

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DJ Lachin said...

yea...big anti-cuban feelings right now in mexico because of freakin' castro talking smack like always...jealous how mexico supports the US...but anyway...good thing you got your FM3...

c ya,

a crazy mexican in atlanta...