Friday, October 12, 2007

News from the homefront

Rememer I mentioned the other day that a strong wind came up out of nowhere and blew through the house like a hurricane? Well, I just found out last night that it was a water spout that came ashore! (see my September 22 posting) These things can be dangerous. It is like a water filled tornado. It came on land just north of the high school, went over the air strip and exited the bay side of the island. The island is very narrow here. Maybe 1/2 mile. That explains where all that wind came from.

We went to another one of Adrian's rapid soccer games last night. His team won this time! But the best part? The whole surface had been redone with new indoor/outdoor carpeting! It was all fresh and clean looking. Of course, no camera. Except there were a lot of injuries last night. The thing is new and has been rained on a lot and was very slippery. Guys were falling all over the place and sliding into each other. I think one guy broke his kneecap.

Speaking of Adrian, he and Rosie were over the other night. I had to do some stuff on the computer for them. They are leaving next week to go back to Texas until Christmas Day. Mostly to work and earn enough money to live here the rest of the time. They supplement that income with jobs here but they don't make as much here, of course. They are really an interesting couple.

Rosie is TexMex and was born in Texas so she is an American citizen by birth. She is fluent in both English and Spanish. Adrian was born in Juarez Mexico and went illegally to the states with his parents at a very early age. He has since become legalized and has his green card. He showed it to us. It's not green at all! It's cream colored and looks like a drivers license. He, of course, is fluent in both languages also. I mean really fluent! Both of them.

B and I went to Cancun yesterday morning after we did our meet and greet with O, the cleaning lady. She always has to walk around our patio garden and check out all the plants. Telling us how to get this one to grow better, to move that one into the sun, etc. And she is usually right!

We had to got to FedEx to pick up some papers my brother from Michigan sent down to me. Then I went looking for some heavy weight cotton yarn for a project I want to do but couldn't find anything stronger than that string they use here for yarn. Then on to Chedraui and bought a few things there. Among them was a new poop basket for the cabana.

For those living in Mexico, I don't have to explain poop basket to you. At least that's what we call it. It's the basket you line with a plastic bag to throw your toilet paper into. Then it becomes the poop bag. Which is then taken out to the garbage, picked up and taken to the landfill to (not) disintegrate and send soiled toilet paper all over the island. Nice system, huh!

The woman for the month in the cabana was supposed to arrive today. I called her friend yesterday to see what time. Oops. She forgot to call me. The woman doesn't arrive til Monday. Not really a problem for us. I asked her to come over yesterday afternoon and pay for the month and get the keys. She said she would be here by 6 PM. Guess what? She must think she is entitled to act like a Mexican because she never showed! I hate having to pester people to pay. But that's the life of a rental agent I guess!


Anonymous said...

Hola Wayne,

Checkout compost toilets or ask me ;-) I have a great PDF on the process. It is VERY "GREEN" and given the choice of covering with leaves or sawdust and dumping into a compost pile or rolling up toilet paper and putting it in a basket to end up where ever - hmmm no brainer in my book. Compost works!.

John Calypso

wayne said...

I read the post you did a long time ago about your composting toilet. I was impressed. I think this is only an option for somebody in your living situation though. Those of us living on small lots in towns would never get away with one...even if we had the room! I wish I had known about them when I still lived on our farm though. Sure would have beat dealing with a septic all the time!

Anonymous said...

For almost 20 years I have flushed down the TP. The sewers have not plugged up. Use TP modestly. A better solution is use a ..what in the heck do you call those french things that spray you? Or have the toilet close to the shower where you can take a quick wash.

el oso