Thursday, September 13, 2007

Second Entry Today

I'm sitting in the cabana right now in nothing but wet underwear. Don't even try to visualize. It's not pretty. I'm over here because O is cleaning the house and I can't get in. I went downtown on the scooter to the market to get some veggies after she got here. On my way home a black cloud appeared out of nowhere and dropped a deluge. The kind that floods the streets in minutes. I was soaked to the skin within 10 seconds. And it was cold! I can't get into the house to get dry clothes so they are hanging over the porch in the sun while I hide out here in my underwear!

B and I made a quick trip over to Cancun this morning. We had to go to immigration to pick up this years' forms for renewing our FM3. That is the resident visa that is good for one year. This is the last year we can renew it. After this we have to reapply and start the process all over or else go up a notch to FM2. That one has much strickter requirements for how long you can be out of the country and a larger income level that must be met. We'll see. I just hope the renewal goes without hassle this year.

But the big news is that somebody was snooping around the house last night! Climbed over the side gate. They didn't take anything though. When L went up to his office this morning, he came back down and asked if one of us had put conch shells in front of his door. Big conch shells. Of course we didn't! Since this morning I have learned that burglars use them to break windows and break in doors! You can put your whole hand in them and use them as a battering ram without hurting your hand. Clever. Something must have disturbed him last night so that he did not dare break any windows up there. Good thing.

This makes the fifth time that somebody has either broken in or attempted to break in. I don't know what we are going to do. Stay tuned for an update on that decision!

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el oso said...

Renewel of the fm3 has been a reoccurring pita. It always has worked out but the stress load is quite high. One year 7trips. refusal to accept tv cks as proof of financial ability. Accucsations of manufacuring data on the computer. We do it in Dec. anddont forget the two week vacation for christmas.

good luck