Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I'm Angry and Curious

I am just sick to death of this "new and improved" Windows Vista. I can't really begin to say how much I hate it. Why do they have to continually mess around with stuff. If it ain't broke, don't fix it! I advise you all once again, do not get Vista if you can anyway avoid it!

One of the biggest exasperations with it is that at least once an hour I get a message that says "Windows has encountered a problem and must shut down". Then it does! Bam! Any windows you have open, any project you are working on is just gone. No chance to save anything. And it's not just me. B's new computer also has Vista (I warned him but just try buying a new computer now without Vista!) and his computer does the same thing. L says his mother, who lives in England, has Vista and her system does the same thing too!

The other day some error message came on, I forget now what it said, but then it said a bunch of nicey nice stuff about Microsoft is aware of this problem and apologizes for any inconvenience. BUT you can go here to download a fix! So I did. Even with my highspeed connection, it took 18 minutes to download. Guess what? After the download was complete and you "click here to install" you get another message. This one said "This download is not compatable with your operating system!" WTF!!!!

It took me an hour to get into Blogger this morning. I could go anyplace else on my computer. I kept getting a message that my cookies were disabled and would not allow access to this website. Baloney! I just tried again now and got in with no problem! And I did not change a thing!

Is anybody else out there having problems with Vista??? Let me know. I am starting to get paranoid.

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