Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Grey skies, flat tires and neighbors

I was standing on the front porch Sunday and happened to glance down at the car. It is parked in a tuck under car port so the front end is actually under the porch. Anyway, the back passenger side tire was flat! Great. I had driven in past Mr. A's house and probably picked up a nail from the ton of them that have never been cleaned up there.

So yesterday I got on the scooter and drove over to the mechanics. Just on the off chance that he fixed tires. He didn't but directed me to a vulcanazadora. Tire repair shop. I knew exactly where he was talking about. (there is one really close to me but I will NEVER give that guy any business again. But that story will be posted later in my other blog) So I drove over there and made an appointment to take the car in this morning to have the tire fixed. I also made an appointment to have it washed, waxed and detailed while it is there. It is a multi-functional shop! But this morning is grey, cloudy and threatening storms again any second. Ick. I was going to have L follow me on the scooter to bring me home but I think I will just grab a taxi. See! Here's the rain now!

I'm kind of having a rethink about my neighbor, Mr. A. He and his wife have been staying in their house (the green one) for quite some time now. I must say, they are both going out of their way to be really, really friendly. Trying to make amends I guess for all the grief they caused us when they were building. I actually had to sue him in Mexican court to get all the damage done to my house repaired. In abstentia though because he wasn't here. I actually took his builder and contractor to court. Another story. I'll never forgive him the terrible things he said to us or the things he said about Mexicans in general, but other than that, he doesn't seem to be all that bad. At least we can have a civil conversation.

He told me that yesterday morning, just after dawn, he was sitting on his front porch and watched a truckload of police chase down and arrest 8 guys....right in front of our houses! I didn't hear a thing. I sure hope that it is the gang of thieves who have been burglarizing all the Gringo houses again lately. Nothing in the paper about it, of course.

Later today, rain or not, I am going to go over to J&E's house again. The drain on their roof must be stopped up because there is about 4" of water just sitting up there. Not a good thing. I looked for a drain last night, but it was getting dark and I could not see one. J called last night and confirmed that there is one up there so hopefully I can find it today and get that water off his roof for him.

Ok, think I'll have just one more cup of coffee and then head out to get the tire fixed. I guess I better take an umbrella with me!

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