Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Couple of Firsts

A couple of things happened yesterday that I have not seen before. The first was this:

It's a whole cleaning gang! They spent most of the day over there picking up trash and rearranging the stones. Well, at least they spent the greater part of the day raking the stones into piles. I have no idea why. Maybe they will come along later and gather them up. It looks like they were trying to expose the sand and turn this into a real beach. I hope that that is NOT the purpose. We get enough stupid tourists stopping to wander around over there as it is. And they always block my driveway with their golf carts. So here's a really bad panoramic view of what it looked like when they were done.

I took this picture from my second floor balcony and it didn't stitch all that well. At least you get the idea.

The other first was not a happy one and I purposely did not run for my camera. We had our first burial in the new cemetery just down the street from me. A huge processional followed a pickup truck with a very nice coffin in the bed of it. I have no idea who died. Our local paper doesn't seem to carry obits. Not that I would know the person anyway. Must have been somebody well liked or with a big family because there sure were a lot of people.

Finally, this is the way I like to see tourists travel on the island. No noise, no pollution, no drinking and hollering and no parking in my driveway!

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