Sunday, September 23, 2007

Breaking my Sunday rule for a good cause

I'm breaking my own "no posting on Sunday" rule to bring you this plea.

Now here's something I never do and hate it when other people do it to me. So if you want to just move on, I will certainly understand. But first, a question. Have you recently bought any of these things:

a book
a CD
earrings, necklace or other piece of jewelry
dinner out (or called for home delivery)
something to decorate your home a little knick knack for a shelf
coffee at a coffee house

I think you get the picture. These are all luxury items that people with expendable incomes purchase. Well, look at the attached picture. This shows how much food just $5 of that same money can buy.

from Kathy's blog site

Hurricane Dean hit south of here recently with a powerful punch. The indigenous Mayan people who live in that area had their homes and livelihoods destroyed. The government, in all of its' Mexican wisdom, is totally ignoring these people. Another example of how the Mayans are less than second class citizens here. A friend of mine, Kathy Smith, who lives in the area is trying to do something about that.

She is selflessly collecting money, shopping at CostCo for the best deals, and delivering much needed food and water to these people. She has spent countless hours driving back and forth from her home to Cancun to make these purchases and then distribute them. And she asks for nothing in return. But she can't do it alone.

So, if you think you can afford to pass by Starbucks just once in favor of feeding a whole family with that same money instead, please click on this link and then make a donation. Don't be shy to donate even just $5. That is a whopping amount of money here. More would be nice though! Go ahead and do it. I did and I feel great about that.

Thank you one and all for at least reading this far! Here's the link:


Gardener in Chacala said...

Hi, I just happened on your blog. I am also living in Mexico, for the past four years. I live in Chacala, a little beach town about two hours north of Puerta Vallarta.

I really enjoyed your posts, especially about Yelapa and the FM3 renewal process.


Oh, I have a couple of blogs

jamnkats said...

Thank you SO MUCH! You are so sweet and one person who donated specfically told me she came from your blog, so THANK YOU!!!

wayne said...

Kats, just glad to help. Your accounts of these villages is very moving. It is us who should be thanking you!