Friday, August 03, 2007

Simon Update

It's hard to believe that the ratty little cream bundle that was handed to me last November is now a 10 month old cat. He has definitely turned into a typical Siamese. He demands attention, is very affectionate, follows me everywhere I go and is a talker. Siamese, like dogs, usually imprint on one person as their "master". Guess who that is?!

He sure twists himself into weird sleep positions. Here he is sleeping on one of the guest beds upstairs. I was up there yesterday working on the computer while the house was being cleaned. We hardly ever use those extra bedrooms on the second floor so we don't have them "professionally" cleaned very often. Notice that the bed itself is not enough. He has to lie on an old chair cushion.

Time to go downstairs. Wakey, wakey!

Here you can see he has really lost his kitten creaminess and as gotten the more traditional brown markings of an adult. He's also getting a bit of a paunch!

I've added the time and temp to the blog. Not very significant now but wait until this winter when the rest of you are having freezing weather! Had to rub it in a bit!

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Jan said...

Hi Wayne,

Have been enjoying reading your blog, and wanted to tell you so. I live in Oregon and have been to the Yucatan many times, as well as other parts of Mexico. Love it all. I also have a Siamese cat. Her name is Jasmine, and she is an 18 year old female. Yes - Siamese do talk a lot! Cheers. Jan