Monday, August 27, 2007

Sargassum Weed Woes

(click to enlarge these pics. It's worth it.)

I've been reading in our local paper lately about the problem with Sargassum seaweed on the beaches after Dean. We have been watching big dump trucks full of it go by our house on the way to the dump. They are burying it out there. Yesterday I thought I would go take a look see for myself.

I was shocked by how much there was. I've seen it washed up after storms before, but nothing like this!

I know all of these guys. In fact, we stored some personal belongings for one of them in one of the spare bedrooms upstairs during Dean. They are waiters at Buho's, the restaurant attached to Hotel Maria del Mar. Since there are no tourists to wait on, they have been pressed into service to clean up the beach out front.

I looked off to the left and saw this:

A big front end loader. I asked why they had to do it by hand when the front end loader was just down the beach. They gleefully explained that their turn for the front end loader was tomorrow. I told them that they should work very slowly and just take it easy today then. Wait for the machine to do all the work tomorrow. They thought this was hilariously funny. I thought they were going to pee their pants laughing.

It's hot, dirty and incredibly smelly work. I hung around chatting with these guys until the one in the yellow shirt said he needed a nap and tried to hand me his rake! No thanks. I'm outta here!

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