Saturday, August 18, 2007

Other news is hard to come by

With this stupid hurricane dominating our lives right now, it is hard to come up with other news. I'm sure if you are not affected, it gets old fast, hearing about it constantly. So....

L returned home safely Thursday night. He reported that he was again pulled aside by American immigration and taken to a room and given the third degree. He is a British citizen and carries a British passport. I think it is just absurb that he was "interrogated" by our officials. Especially since his flight was London/Dallas/Cancun and Dallas was just a change of planes. He had no plans or way to "escape" into the wonderful, fantastic, land of milk and honey called the USA. I am really sick of this terrorist paranoia and how our officials are treating people. I know several Canadians who no longer fly via USA when coming down here because of the hassles. So to all my non USA citizen readers I would say this....Avoid USA airports at all costs.

L and B went to TelMex, the Mexican phone company monopoly here, in Cancun yesterday. L needed to reactivate his business phone and B wanted to upgrade our DSL. We currently have the lowest (read cheapest!) DSL offered. Amazingly, neither one of them had any difficulties getting their business done and did not have to deal with any incompetent, uncaring and rude employees for a change! Except that they could not tell L when they would turn on his phone again. Just sometime in the next 30 days! B was told that all DSL customers now have the fastest service available because it was too difficult for TelMex to offer so many different speeds. They just upgraded everybody at the same price! B's new computer is at least twice as fast as mine. I guess I don't have the right kind of high speed processor in mine. Thought I did when I bought it. But then what do I know.

Oh! B found a Charles Wysockis jigsaw puzzle at WalMart for me! $9 USD but well worth it to me. I wonder if I will be able to work on it by candlelight??? LOL!

Today I am going to check around with friends and see what their plans are. Stay put, shelter, evacuate? I especially worry about my good friend P. She is all alone and has bad arthritis in her knees so some days she can't even walk. I'll try to get a list from her of things she needs and go shopping for her. One less thing for her to worry about.

We are starting to receive emails and phone calls from friends and family in the USA. I'll repeat it here. I am very worried but well prepared. I am more worried about friends and the island in general than I am for my own personal safety. I will be perfectly safe in my house. I may get a little water but I am certainly not going to blow away! (I hope!) We live in a large cement block house and I know the people who built it did not cut corners on materials. Unlike the house next door. Since the owner was absent during the building, the contractor built it with inferior blocks. I could literally break them with my bare hands. Oops. Have I said too much? I hope his house doesn't fall down. Well, at least not onto mine! I know the palm leaf palapa bar he has built on the roof is going to be history.

Ok, off to see if I can do anything constructive today.

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