Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Malecon Woes

I like out Mayor. Not that I know her personally or anything. There has been a noticeable difference in things around here since she took office. Island beautification is high on her list of priorities. I don't think she is as heavily into corruption as past Mayors have been either. Recently she has started to take a lot of flak in the newspaper. They are accusing her mostly of ignoring her campaign promises. One of the biggies was to finally repair the malecon (sea wall) so destroyed by Hurrican Ivan in 2004.

Things got started last year but now all work has stopped. Who knows why. The citizens, especially those in the low lying downtown area, are up in arms that she is spending money on building decorative walls by the airport and putting up statues every where you look. Why is money being spent on these things, they ask, when the wall needs to be repaired NOW!

We are just lucky that Dean missed us. Otherwise downtown would have been heavily damaged and certainly under a lot of water.

these are wire cages full of rocks meant to stop the surge, or at least break it up
Here's what they looked like after the little bit of Dean we got passed by.

I don't, and legally can't, get involved with island politics. But on this issue, I agree with the people. I see more value in fixing this wall than spending money putting up a bust of Hidalgo on main street. We'll see if the voices get heard.


Anonymous said...


Just checked in and really enjoyed the photos of the wall and the sargassum weed. Wow! Just curious if you may have heard anything about how the boats anchored in the harbor or at Marina Paraiso did (assuming there still is a Marina Paraiso, I've not been there for a few years). We spent quite a bit of time there on our sailboat and was wondering. Thanks for your posts.

Delray Beach, FL

el oso said...

Compares with the total waste when the zocalo was "remodeled."

wayne said...

All the boats that were anchored in Sac Bajo for safe haven did just fine. I know a guy who has a boat over there at the Yacht Club and he said it was loud and scary but no damage to anything. And there still is a Marina Paraiso