Monday, July 09, 2007

Weekend Update

For the most part, what a long, boring weekend. Mostly just hung around the house. Since I have to relinquish my computer to B so he can research computers, I tried to put together two different jigsaw puzzles that I got for Christmas. Both of them bored me to tears so I ended up just tearing them apart. Guess they'll go in the Goodwill bag.

B is also researching plane tickets. He may have to fly to Fort Lauderdale or someplace close to buy a new laptop. When L did a lot of research last fall for his computer, he was all over Cancun and could not find anything with Windows in English. I have recently heard that there is some sort of way to change your operating system language so maybe he can find something in Cancun.

Yesterday we walked down to P's house and ooohed and aaahed over her new second floor addition that she is having built. Small but nice. Big living room/kitchen area, small bedroom and small bath with sunken bathtub! Her house is really small and she needs the room for when guests come to visit. It is really nice up there. It amounts to being built on her existing roof and the view and breeze up there is incredibly.

Not sure what today holds but I'm sure I will find something to do. I have to go around the island and take more pictures for this blog. The ones I had stored for posting were lost when my last computer broke and are now gone forever thanks to a certain thief!

On another note, is it hot where you live? Seems like the news is again full of natural catastrophies and heat waves. I know it is hot here, much hotter than normal with lots of humidity. The people staying in the cabana have the air conditioner on high. I can hear it. Not looking forward to that electric bill!

One last thing. Congrats to Chichen Itza for making it as one of the new seven wonders of the world. That should do loads to increase tourism there!


Hollito said...

Well, facing the all-weekly reports of the climate change up here in Germany, it is just bullshit. We had rainy and cold weather for weeks here, now we have a few warm days (about 30°C), but it will get back to rain soon.
As serious as the climate change is - it does not happen here.
In the region we live in we always said: When winter comes, the rain gets colder. ;-)

Regards, Hollito

mcm said...

This is my first visit to your blog -- and I just found this post. For future reference (the next time you need a computer), check out Dell LatinAmerica -- they offer computers with Spanish OR English OS (and keyboards), and of course with warranty. When we got one a couple of years ago, the shipping time (to Merida) was about a week.