Thursday, July 05, 2007

Trip to the ER

I arrived home yesterday afternoon, after running some errands and spending some much needed time on my motorscooter, to find B and L waiting by the door. Since I had no house key with me, they were waiting for my return before leaving.

It seems that B, while changing a light bulb and refastening the glass globe, may have tightened the screws too tightly on it, causing too much pressure. Sure enough, the thing exploded in his hand, spraying him with glass. He had little cuts on his chest and arms but the worst was to his left little finger. A piece of glass sliced deeply, to the tendon, right at the crease where the finger meets the palm. A trip downtown to the ER was in order and L was going along as interpretor.

The doctor on duty spoke English so L, ever quesy when it comes to matters of blood, was able to leave the room. B reported that the doctor was very good and was assisted by a nurse. She carefully unwrapped gauze, sutures and a fresh needle from their sterilized packages and laid them out on a piece of brown paper that she had found. B said he looked but it did not say Burger King on it.

Three stitches later and he returned home. The whole experience, supplies and doctor fees only cost 50 pesos! A whopping $5 US. At these prices, it is almost worthwhile to hurt yourself! Just kidding of course.

The doctor did tell him that if it started to hurt after the novacaine shot wore off, that he should drink a lot of Tequilla. So we went downtown last night and that is exactly what he did!

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Hollito said...


for 5$ you can shake the hand of the Doc here in Germany, not more. ;-)

Greetz, Hollito