Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter weekend

We're on our last day of a 4 day weekend. (I know, I've talked about the lack of weekends here before!) But L's office in London was closed Friday and today so he had 4 days off. We briefly discussed going somewhere, just getting away. We thought maybe Isla Holbox (what? escape to another island!) but then decided it would be nice to just stay home and do mostly nothing. Which is what we did!

Friday we tried to go to the beach but left in disgust. Too many people and too much garbage. Plus there had been a storm the night before and the beach was full of dead seagrass. We came home and just hung around on the second floor patio. It was certainly hot up there.

O, the cleaning lady, came by to clean the cabana for the next visitors, who arrive tomorrow. We firmed up details with her for taking care of things around here, plants and one cat, the other one is going to live with his "aunt" while we are gone. Later that evening B and I went downtown and had a pretty good time. It was crowded but we saw a lot of people we know and had some quality visiting time. L stayed home. He was too chilled out to go downtown.

Saturday and Sunday were spent wasting time on the computer playing games, downloading music and some trip research. A little bit of sun worshipping was thrown in there too! We also went for quite a few walks. We are trying to get me in shape for all the walking we will probably do on the trip.

For Easter dinner we had Rock Cornish Game Hens stuffed with an orange stuffing, roasted potatoes, green beans, peas, broccoli and carrots. Cake for dessert. Then we watched The Departed. Tough movie with some shockers at the end.

Today we are going to the beach because all of the Easter week throngs should have gone home by now. Let's hope anyway. B and L are packing a lunch as I type and they have just announced I need to get off the computer and make a sandwich. Guess I have been warned.

See ya tomorrow!

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