Friday, April 27, 2007

Dusty Breakfast

As regular readers know, we have to get out of the house for about 3 hours every Thursday morning. That's when O comes and puts the house back together after 3 guys have trashed it for a week. Bless her heart. So we usually go out for breakfast then.

This week we picked up our friends Carlos and Miguel and headed downtown to Bamboo. Their Hungry Man breakfast is the best deal in town. We were enjoying a pleasant morning, chatting away and having our Spanish gently but firmly corrected, when the noise started.

Just across the narrow pedestrian street is a restaurant named Angelo's. They are expanding their roof and the 6x6 support posts had already been set. We looked over and there was a workman, minus safety goggles, face mask or any other type of protective gear, sanding away on the posts with a 10" industrial blade sander. There must be another name for that type of device but I don't know it. It has a round blade on the end that spins really fast. At any rate, in a matter of seconds we could no longer see him or the street. Seconds later we could no longer see ourselves or our food! Everything was covered in a fine wooden dust!

Ok, I realize that the work must be done but couldn't they have timed the sanding job for after the breakfast hour or at least when there were no customers sitting directly across from them?

Guess not.

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