Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Pigs are Back!

Awhile back I wrote about the problems at the slaughterhouse located just down the street from me. Well, they must have cleaned up their act because the pigs are back!
Now again everyday we are treated to the fear laden squealing coming from there. So nice to have them back. NOT! They seem to be louder now than before too. I wonder if they installed windows or something as part of the required fix up? No way to tell since the wall surrounding this place is too tall to see over.
Oh, and something new. We now also hear the bleating of sheep! I don’t know why they would be slaughtering sheep there. There certainly is no call for mutton on the island.

I wonder what they do with the wool?

1 comment:

HollyEQQ said...

Poor thing - that would throw me off my feed for sure!
I am not sure I could take the wool of dead sheep at a slaughter house. I am bad -for sure - but I have issue with slaughterhouses anyway - so I think it would have negative energy?
Poor little sheepies. :)
I really love living in other countries but it seems like it is the little things that eventually make us move home. The country and the people are always wonderful, it is the neighbors chickens (or slaughterhouse) that usually send us over the edge!
Enjoy it while you are there - you will keep those memories with you always.