Monday, January 01, 2007

What? Another Year?

Well, we certainly celebrated last night! Got in about 3am this morning. The town was hopping and in a party mood for sure. Big disappointment that there were no fireworks at midnight from the town square. Maybe they spent all their money on that LOUD band playing to the hundreds of dancing people in the square. It was still going strong when we left.

Needless to say, today is one big lazy fit of lying around, playing on the computer, snacking, complaining about how awful we feel, watching whatever crap is on the TV and naps!

I hope 2007 is as great as 2006 was. Here are some of the highlights for me from the year past:

* L returning from South America to live here for good

* Our birthday trips around the Yucatan. I really loved that Mexican state fair!

* Having Simon come into my life. He is a joy everyday.

* Visiting my good friends left behind in Minnesota when we moved here permanently. Especially my hosts, J&L. Gotta love them. (even though she insisted on painting her vaulted walls RED! Took me 4 coats to cover them but they are gorgeous now and an excellent choice!)

* There were no hurricanes! We suffered through 3 of them the first 2 years we lived here.

* Taking a trip to Costa Rica. What a fantastic country. Kindof scary though with all the critters, SNAKES! and bugs that can hurt you.

* Tourist season and the return of all our Northern friends to visit, even though it may only last a week or two.

* Finally buying a new motorscooter.

* Last, but not least, discovering the wonderful world of blogging! I am so addicted.

I will leave you with this shot of a dripping fern I took in the rain forest of Costa Rica. Have a great New Year!

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