Friday, December 29, 2006

Windy Day and Stuff

It is really, really windy today. Doesn't look like rain although it is in the forecast...again! The waves are huge, maybe coming in at 6 feet.

I really do believe that there is something to this global warming thing. It is much colder and wetter here than it is has ever been this time of year. And so much rain! For the last 3-4 months it has been almost constant. I talked to friends in Minnesota and Michigan and they have NO snow! Cold but not as cold as would be expected this time of year. And then there is the fact that the Amazon is drying up, as well as that huge lake in China. Forget the name right now. I get so depressed when we travel around Mexico and Central America and I see the giant plumes of industrial waste being spat into the air. Not to mention the general air pollution from cars and trucks that never have to be inspected. And they seem to have no awareness of what they are doing to the atmosphere and could care less. My opinion anyway.

This afternoon our friend from Minnesota that I mentioned earlier is finaly arriving for a month visit. I think he wants to travel around a bit and see some ruins. I certainly have a list of some that he should see...and some he should just skip over! Myself, I have, for the most part, seen enough of fallen down rocks and buildings. Even so, we ever we pass a sign for a ruin, we usually pull in!

Have to make a trip to the water store again today. The guests in the cabana are going through 20L bottles like it was, well, water! We have 3 people in our household and don't use a bottle as often as the two in the cabana do. Wonder what they are doing over there? We went Wednesday and Thursday to turn in our empty bottles but they were out. Evidently the truck from Cancun has not brought any over! We could probably get some in an emergency from a smaller vendor store, but it is way cheaper to go directly to the distributor.

B and L still appear to be sick. Dizzy, faint and nausea. They are sure that they have been poisoned by that moonshine, or whatever it was. Hope they feel better soon. We have a friend to show the nightlife to tonight! I always enjoy that!

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