Friday, December 15, 2006

This and That

Not a lot of interest going on here, but wanted to update.

I am SICK, do you hear me, SICK of all this rain. It is almost impossible to do anything worthwhile outside. Everything is waterlogged. Will the sun ever return and stay? We did get almost a whole days worth yesterday, but of course it did not last.

B, I and our neighbor E, took the 6:30am car ferry to Cancun yesterday. We went to Home Depot first. That place is such a disgusting joke. Not like the ones in the USA at all. They change the location of everything at least once a week. It always takes twice as long to find anything you need. Forget asking a "helpful" sales clerk. Whatever you ask for they just say they don't have it! Which, as it turns out, is true most of the time! I don't know why we even bother going there. We are looking for new table lamps for the bedside tables in the cabana. (yes, I know there should be a tilda over the N!) Everything they had, which wasn't much, was huge and colonial looking. And even the little halogen computer desk gooseneck type lamps were $36! Ouch.

We left there by 8:30am and B drove me to Papeleria Cancun. I got out and he and E went on their way to spend the rest of the day shopping. PC is a large store that sells everything from office supplies to religious paraphenalia. From there I had to walk what seemed like miles to catch a taxi back to the ferry port. Road construction. Did I mention that the roads in Cancun are really horrible now? All this rain has created potholes everywhere. Driving is a mess and quite dangerous.

Back on the island I decided to take the bus home for 4 pesos instead of a taxi for 10. I haven't taken the bus in a long time and always enjoy it. Well, I sat on the hard, cold stone wall for 45 minutes and still no bus! They are supposed to run every 20 minutes. I finally gave up in disgust and caught a taxi.

I did get to see dolphins from the front porch yesterday. That is always fun. They must have been fishing because they only surfaced to breath and were heading out to deep water. Usually, if they are just travelling past, they jump clear out of the water and look like they are playing. Still nice to see them though. As long as they are not dead and being pulled up onto my beach by some stupid tourist!

We need to work on the cabana some more today. Have guests arriving on the 23rd. We don't bother keeping it clean during the summer when nobody is in it. And we are at a loss as to what to do about the windows, except replacing them at an unheard of cost. The frames were put in wrong and water just pours in from the bottom ledge when the rain comes in from the ocean. Which is all the time right now! Not good when guests are staying there. I have caulked around them until I am blue in the face and nothing works. We may just end up redoing the whole front of the cabana anyway.

Off to do some cleaning in the rain!

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