Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Oh Christmas tree...

Last year at this time the island was still a depressing mess, suffering the aftermath of Hurricane Wilma. Our then new mayor used a lot of city funds to buy lights and decorations for Christmas and really had the town glowing. You should see it this year! Everything from last year is up again (minus a few working bulbs of course!) and she has bought even more. The whole town looks like some advertisement for Christmas lights and decorations. A bit of overkill for my taste. But the locals like it and it does give a festive atmosphere. Here is this year's tree. I love that the base is square!

In direct contrast to that is my sad tree. We do a minimum of decorating for Christmas. And with the two bah humbugs I live with, I am lucky to even get this tree!

So I thought I had the most pathetic tree until yesterday. My neighbor called me over to show me that he, too, had decorated a "tree" for Christmas. Talk about sad! I must admit, I about laughed my ass off when I saw it!

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