Thursday, December 28, 2006

Just Keeping Busy

Had a great lunch yesterday. We are friends with the family who owns one of the loncherias (lunch stands) outside the farmers market here. We had arranged with them to make Pozole yesterday. That is a soup with shredded pork and a dark broth and hominy. When it is served, you add chopped lettuce, radishes, lime juice, oregano, chili powder, onions to taste. It is delicious. It was made even better because we had invited our friends "the sisters" from Maryland to accompany us.

Katie and Blair. You just gotta love a couple of
girls who bring you a 3# box of chocolates for

We met some friends downtown last night who are visiting from Minneapolis. Had a few drinks at our favorite watering hole and then decided to move on and show them some of the other night life available. We ended up at the beach bar at the hostel. Today both B and L claim alcohol poisoning. They think they got served cheap moonshine smuggled in from the Yucatan. They said their drinks were really strong at the time and that would explain it. And the drinks at this place are about half what anybody else charges. Could be the reason. I am just fine but I only ever drink beer when away from home. Easier to control both dosage and quality!

This morning I spent 2 hours driving all around the island. I stopped at the main grocery store downtown, both farmers markets on the island and every little stall or street vendor I could find. Not one stalk of celery to be found on this entire island! That's just how it is sometimes. So today I am making the turkey stock for a future soup, boiling the carcass and all. Except I don't have any celery to put in it. Doubt that it will make much difference to the taste but it is aggravating all the same.

Tonight we are having hot turkey sandwiches with mashed potatoes and gravy for dinner. After that, any leftover turkey is going in the freezer for some future meal. I have had enough for awhile!

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