Friday, December 22, 2006

I Got the Beat!

I've been complaining for months now that I wanted to get another motor scooter. I sold my Honda Activa last spring. After only two years of being parked outside, directly across from the ocean, it was fast turning into a rust bucket.

The big hestitation for buying another one was where to store it. Well, our good neighbor, J, told me this week that I could park in his locked storage building...out of the elements! The next day I went and bought this:

Honda Beat

I just happened to have some stickers and stuff so I put customized pinstripping on it. You can see it just above the yellow turn light and just above the headlight. With thousands of motor scooters on the island, it is necessary to be able to tell yours at a glance. Chances are strong that there will be 5-10 others just like yours in the parking area.

It had 2 kilometers on it when I picked it up yesterday. Twenty fours later it has 30 on it. And this island is only 5 miles long so it takes awhile to build up any mileage.

I am so happy. The Beat goes on!

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