Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Holiday Recap

What a happy holiday season we have had! And New Year's is yet to come!

We went downtown for Christmas Eve dinner and drinks. Just gonna have one drink and then home. You know how that goes! We ran into so many people we know that it just kept getting later and later and we just kept getting more and more tipsy!

We were glad we were downtown at midnight. We had not realized how important that time is to the Mexicans. At the stroke of midnight everybody got up from wherever they were to hug and kiss on friends and to wish them a Feliz Navidad. We really liked this part of Christmas a lot! We were sitting in a bar on the street and it seems like every waiter and bartender we know downtown came up and gave us a hug. What a great feeling to have so many people care about you!

We finally made it home about 1:30am and fell into bed. I remember riding home lying down on the backseat of the car and that is about it!

Needless to say, Christmas Day was really slow for us! Hangovers everywhere! And poor B had to cook Christmas dinner. Well, he had volunteered and planned it all out so we just let him go ahead with it! We did give him a reprieve on pies though. He made an apple cake with rum sauce instead. So we ended up having turkey (a rarity for us!), roast potatoes (to appease the British meal traditions for the British among us), stuffing and green bean casserole. (did anybody NOT have green bean casserole??)

The day was spent lolling on the couch and watching movies. We opened the few presents we had gotten for each other and that was great. Because we kept the maximum spendable allowable very low, there was a lot of creativity and thought represented in the gifts. It was great.

To those of you who were expecting a phone call that did not come: Know that I thought about you and that you were in my heart, but I was just in no condition to carry on a lucid conversation! Maybe for New Years?

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