Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Surprise trip - part 2

Saturday morning, after exploring more of Izamal, we headed out to Merida. After checking into our hotel, we did a little walk about and did some shopping. We were spending the night in Merida because of where we going next.

We went to the Yucatan State Fair! I was overjoyed to learn we were going to go there. Being from Minnesota, I love state fairs. Although not as big as the one in Minnesota, which is the third largest in the USA, it was still quite big.

Imagine a huge fairgrounds with all the requisite buildings. Livestock, commercial, food stands and a midway. All in Spanish with about 100,000 people milling around. Plus everything was done at the loudest possible volume, which is typical for Mexico. We have yet to get a grasp on why they have to play everything so loud.

The majority of the small food vendors sold a mixed plate of French fries and pieces of hotdogs, cut up to look like flowers. Both deep fried in hot oil. Of course I had some!

We watched a little bit of the rodeo but it was so bad we left after two events. It was nice to see well-cared for horses though. I visited the sheep and goat barn but gave the cows a miss. If you have seen one Brahma….

dragging the bull back to the chute

The highlight for me was the midway. Anybody who knows me knows that I love carnival rides. Especially ones that spin me really fast, giving me an excuse for being dizzy I guess! Since neither B nor L like rides, I had to go by myself. Thus I only chose one. The one that not only spins you, it does it high in the air while upside down! Great fun!

Look at me!

Ferris wheel at night

The only bad part of the trip was that a cable broke on the car that runs the fan that keeps the motor cool. So of course we overheated and had steam coming from everywhere. This happened just as we parked in the fair ground lot. After we finished with the fair we put some water in the tank that had boiled dry and drove back to the hotel.
Next morning the hotel found a mechanic to come to us and he located the problem, put a little electrical tape on it and we were on our way back to the island.
All in all, a most enjoyable birthday getaway!

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