Monday, November 20, 2006

Birthday trip - part 1

What a great birthday trip! Or at least it started out that way!

Friday afternoon I drove as far as Valledolid and B took over from there. I just sat and waited to see where we were going. I didn’t have long to wait because about 30 minutes down the road, B took the exit for Izamal. This is a colonial town I have wanted to visit.

Izamal is called the Yellow City because almost all of the buildings are painted a yellowish ochre with white trim. Easily one of the most interesting colonial towns I have ever seen. There is a 15th century convent there that is incredible.

El Convento San Antonio de Padua

Convent courtyard

Me standing in front of an awsome window grill

Flower vendor at market

The town is also unusual in that it is built up around the remains of the Mayan pyramids that formally occupied the space. It is possible to see the remains of the 7 pyramids as you walk around town. Except, of course, for the biggest one. It was torn down (as usual by the Spanish conquerors) in order to build the convent.

Climbing pyramids again!

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