Tuesday, October 24, 2006


I love jigsaw puzzles. Always have. I love to sit around, listen to some music and struggle over finding just that one piece I need. Although it takes me awhile to complete one, it is almost instant gratification. Every piece telling just a little bit more of the story. But I don’t like just any old puzzle. My favorites are the Charles Wysockis and then the Home Collection. I hate puzzles of animals and fields of flowers, that sort of crap. Buildings are ok. Mostly I like puzzles with a lot of different stuff going on. That way if I get bored with one area, there is always another to grab my interest.
Mexico is sadly lacking in the puzzle department. They have them, but they are really, really expensive. Mostly they start at around $9 and go up from there. I have even see one for over $100! The average price though seems to be $30. Whenever I visit back in the USA, I always stop by the puzzle departments and drool over the selection. Alas, I never buy any. My limited luggage space is just too precious and there are so many other important things I always have to buy to bring back.
Someday I will take a suitcase with me just for puzzles!

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